Electrical Hedge Trimmer Straight Blade lithium battery consistency analysis

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Electrical Hedge Trimmer Straight Blade Lithium battery clearly factory the same batch is the same model, why the performance is different? Many consumers have this question, we need to understand what factors affect performance: capacity, internal resistance, voltage. There is a difference in performance, that is, there is a change in a certain factor, and there is an error in the normal lithium battery parameters. So how do you solve the error? This situation has caused many consumers to misunderstand, saying that this is the reason of the manufacturer, that as long as the manufacturer's process is no problem, strict technical control, certainly can eliminate errors. But the reality is that even if each process is strictly monitored, there is still no way to eliminate the inconsistency between individual lithium batteries. The reason is that there are many factors that affect the capacity, internal resistance, and voltage, such as temperature, air humidity, and storage conditions of raw materials (and are affected by a variety of factors). Although each factor has a small effect, the effects of these factors add up to each other, resulting in errors. Therefore, inconsistencies are difficult to eliminate, but errors can be reduced in the production process. The more formal the manufacturer, the more powerful, the more consistent. For ordinary consumers, the consistency of lithium batteries is difficult to distinguish, after all, it will not be purchased, so there will be no special detection equipment. This situation requires consumers to screen manufacturers when buying, and should choose brand manufacturers, so that the quality is more guaranteed.

To reduce the performance error between the same model of Electrical Hedge Trimmer Straight Blade lithium batteries, not only requires manufacturers to strictly check the manufacturing process during production, but also requires consumers to maintain it carefully when using. Because the regular manufacturer will test the lithium battery when it leaves the factory, and it will leave the factory after reaching the standard. At this time, the consistency of the lithium battery is qualified, but the consumer is not once and for all after purchase, improper use or no maintenance, will make the consistency of the lithium battery gradually deteriorate, forming a vicious circle, resulting in irreversible damage.

Lithium battery in the actual production process, the basic maintenance is not in contact with water, sun exposure, high temperature, etc., in addition, after a certain period of use, lithium battery can be small current protective charging, which is conducive to the performance recovery of lithium battery and its own balance. If it is not used for a long time, it needs 1-3 months to recharge on time, otherwise the storage time is too long, which will lead to irreversible decline in the performance of the lithium battery.

Electrical Hedge Trimmer Straight Blade https://www.keylead.cn/Electrical-Hedge-Trimmer-Straight-Blade-Supply.html