Automatic CNC Machine ES36 How powerful?

Automatic CNC Machine ES36

Turning and milling compound CNC lathe refers to a CNC lathe that can be used both for turning and planing, and can be used both as a CNC lathe and as a CNC lathe. Turning and milling composite machine began to be used to process aircraft propellers, the key is to prevent the loss of accuracy and standard loss caused by 2 clamping!

Automatic CNC Machine ES36 is a key type of CNC lathe for compound machining. In addition to the role of machining center, it can also carry out plan cutting, drilling, tapping, straight grooves, spiral grooves and milling teeth, etc., with the compound role of milling, cutting and boring. Can complete a clip, all completed processing core concept. It is one of the more rapid processing methods in recent years.

In general, Automatic CNC Machine ES36 requires the following two features:

1, the servo motor selection of AC servo motor, spindle bearing rotation fitness movement and walking knife fitness movement can be connected.

2, in addition to the CNC punching machine tool table equipped with a machining center, it is rarely equipped with a driving force CNC blade, or with a separate driving force tool table.

Compared with independent machining centers and CNC lathes, the turn-milling compound also has the following advantages:

Reduce the process chain of commodity manufacturing and improve work efficiency

The Automatic CNC Machine ES36 equipment management center can install a variety of unique CNC blades. The new CNC blade arrangement reduces the tool change time, improves the processing efficiency, and can complete all or most of the processing processes at one time, thus greatly shortening the commodity manufacturing process chain. On the one hand, it reduces the production and manufacturing auxiliary time caused by the change of the loading card, and also reduces the manufacturing cycle time and waiting time of the overalls fixture, which can significantly improve productivity. Automatic CNC Machine ES36 quotation is also more suitable;

Reduce clamping frequency and improve machining accuracy

The reduction of loading frequency prevents the accumulation of deviation due to the conversion of precision positioning standards. In addition, most of the turn-milling complex processing machines and equipment at this stage have the function of online monitoring, which can complete the current inspection and precision manipulation of important data information in the whole process of production and manufacturing, and thus improve the processing accuracy of goods; The high toughness integrated bed design scheme improves the force processing ability of hard-to-drill raw materials

When turning and milling, the CNC blade carries out intermittent drilling, and shorter drilling can be obtained for the workpiece generated by all raw materials, which is convenient for automatic chip removal. And interrupt cutting can allow the knife to have sufficient time to cool, reduce the thermal deformation of the workpiece, and also improve the service life of the CNC blade. Compared with the traditional CNC lathe, the turning and milling machining speed is relatively high, the drilling product quality is good, and the cutting speed is reduced, the precision of thick wall components and long and thin components is improved, and the workpiece forming quality is high.

When machining the workpiece, the low speed ratio of the workpiece can reasonably reduce the centripetal force of the workpiece, prevent the workpiece from deformation, and improve the machining accuracy of the parts. The application of a large vertical feed in turning milling can also obtain precision laser cutting, roughness can also be reasonably ensured, Automatic CNC Machine ES36 can choose turning, milling, drilling, boring and other different ways to complete the machining of the workpiece, the workpiece can also be once clamping and multi-faceted processing daily tasks. Ensure machining accuracy.

Automatic CNC Machine ES36